Tech adoption scenarios for future

6G networks

The ENABLE-6G initiative aims to address the challenges that face future 6G networks, including increased connectivity, higher performance demands, advanced object and environment sensing, precise localisation, and increased privacy concerns.

The technology that is being developed consists of panels that allow 6G signals to be optimized without having to invest in the network itself (RISC 6G) and privacy-preserving algorithms:

  • RISC-6G: Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces and Low-power Technologies for Communication and Sensing in 6G Mobile Networks.
  • MAP-6G: Machine Learning – based Privacy Preserving Analytics for 6G Mobile Networks.

Within this context, we organised the Tech adoption scenarios for future 6G networks, it took place on 15th January 2024, with the main goal of highlight the development of MAP-6G and RISC-6G frameworks, designed to provide profound insights into market scenarios and adoption metrics that will shape the next decade.

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