As technology develops quicker than ever seen the conversations about the next generation of wireless networks, 6G in particular, manage to grasp the attention of many. In our recent webinar we managed to meet with multiple specialists and conduct a panel discussion titled “How to update your wireless infrastructure and not die in the attempt. RIS for cross-domain CEI applications”. Let’s look at the insights from this enriching session.

This discussion explored the vast benefits of 6G networks that are in development as well as how their implementation would benefit the future of people. Key takeaways from the projected benefits from 6G networks include:

  • AI integration to boost security
  • Ubiquitous connectivity
  • Integrated sensing and communication

All those features of the next generation of wireless networks aim providing connectivity which never breaks down while ensuring the privacy and safety of the user.


A special thank you to our panellist who were part of this session:

See the highlights of this session here: